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Coral Los Silos - Your Natural Accommodation Choice

Coral los Silos, 38470 San Bernardo, Los Silos, Tenerife

Learn how to get to Coral los Silos: our apartments are located in Villa de Los Silos, in the region of Dante, close to Buenavista golf court and near the Teno hill. In this section you will find all the distances and routes from the Coral los Silos to the main tourist attractions in Tenerife.

Tourist attractions in Tenerife
  • Buenavista golf course

    It is located 3.16km from the hotel

  • Loro Parque

    It is located 26.41km from the hotel

  • Puerto de la Cruz

    It is located 27.87km from the hotel

  • La Orotava

    It is located 29.75km from the hotel

  • Siam Park

    It is located 34.62km from the hotel

  • Reina Sofía Tenerife South airport

    It is located 43.18km from the hotel

Directions to get to

The departure is from Coral Los Silos - Your Natural Accommodation Choice