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Coral Los Silos has been created for those who visit Tenerife in search of something extra besides sun & beach, eager to discover new adventures in the most natural surroundings. It is a property with a different concept, combining individuality with Hotel standards.
Strategically located in the northwest of the island, Coral Los Silos will help you discover the most natural and hidden gems of Tenerife, ideal for active people in search for something different.

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The descent through the Ravine of Masca is one of the best activities that can be done on the Island of Tenerife.
This route begins at the hamlet of Masca, a very well preserved old settlement that is worth visiting. Here starts the descent down the ravine, where you can enjoy huge volcanic walls drawn by the erosion of the wind and finish the journey on a beautiful black sand beach. You can also return by boat (after previously booking it). This way you can admire very closely the amazing cliffs of Los Gigantes.


Only 3 km from your accommodation away, there are two diving schools where you can easily arrange your immersions.
On the uner water coast that surrounds the area, there are unimaginable places where all your senses will rejoice. There are unmissable tours available for all levels, as the Canary Islands are well known for its well-preserved and diverse marine fauna.


At a distance of 6 km begins one of the famous cycling routes, which crosses the entire North coast of Tenerife, from side to side with a moderate difficulty grade, suitable for all cyclists. But not only that, there are many and diverse routes to enjoy for everyone. Moreover, Tenerife has become a popular stopover for professional cyclists, who use this marvellous island for training. Thanks to the unevenness of the island, you can cycle at sea level or at an altitude of over 2,000 metres and you will always be very close to any bike service you may need.


The “Cueva del Viento” is perhaps one of the best places where to learn and understand how the island and the various geological elements were formed.
It is the largest volcanic tube in Europe and the fifth largest in the world. It is more than 17 kilometres long with many underground passages. It is especially interesting to visit it with a guide, who introduces you to the history of its creation and reveals the most amazing aspects of the fauna and flora that inhabits it.


At Icod de los Vinos, located in the North of Tenerife, you will be able to admire a living National Monument.
It is the so-called “thousand-year-old Drago”, which is estimated to be more than 800 years old. It is the jewel of this park and also symbol of Tenerife. It is 18 meters high and its trunk has a perimeter of 20 meters. The best way to get to know this tree and other endemic species of the Canary Islands is to visit the “Drago Milenario Park”, and walk along its paths and gardens.


The “Cuevas Negras” (black caves) trail is about 5 km long and was formerly used to facilitate communication and trade between people living in different settlements of the area. During this tour you will enjoy amazing views of the coast, the height differences next to the ravine and autochthonous Canary flora.


This is a route of about 10.5 kilometres that passes through the heart of the “Monte del Agua”,…
one of the best preserved laurisilva redoubts in Tenerife, an endemic Macaronesian vegetation that is considered as a living fossil from 20 million years ago. As we penetrate into the forest, the vegetation covers the road until we reach a point where the trees form a natural tunnel. Apart from the dense forest, we will have the opportunity to enjoy amazing views from the top of the mountain and pass by the famous “Charcos de Erjos” (natural pools).


The Cliffs of “Los Gigantes”, located on the West coast of Tenerife, are one of the most spectacular landscapes of the island with rocky walls that reach up to 600 meters high.
The best way to admire them is to embark in one of the many catamarans that operate from the port of Los Gigantes, where you will be able to observe the bottle-nosed dolphins and pilot whales. In addition, the boat usually anchors in the Masca Bay to allow its passengers to enjoy a swim in this amazing place.


The North Coast of the Island, less exploited than the South, offers a wilder and more diverse landscape, giving you endless options to enjoy.
Without moving too far, you can have a swim in the “Charco de Los Chochos”, the “Caleta de Interián” or participate in a kayaking route within the protected area of “Punta de Teno”. You can also see caves that are connected to the sea, showing an amazing mixture of colours or enjoy the natural pools formed by volcanic lava.


The Village of Los Silos is located in the Northwest of the island and was founded after the conquest of Tenerife.
In the mid-sixteenth century began the construction of a church under the title of “Nuestra Señora de la Luz” (Our Lady of Light) in the main nucleus of the region and ended up becoming the Parish Church in 1605. Agriculture was the main economic activity of Los Silos, especially in grain growing, sugar cane and vineyards. The mountain of “Aregume” protects the historic centre from the North winds, which encouraged the population to settle in this area around the square of “La Luz” where the most important buildings were built.


In this amazing place you will be able to stroll among more than 800 exotic butterflies from all over the world, all flying freely.
You can observe how they are born, how they are reproduced and enjoy learning many things about these wonderful insects. Inside the greenhouse, don’t hesitate to contact the experts who work there, as they are able provide you with a lot of information about these fantastic insects.


Whether you are a golf lover or you are willing to learn, Buenavista Golf is one of the most spectacular courses you will find.
Located on amazing cliffs and framed by impressive mountains, it invites you to play next to the ocean. A large central lake in front of the club house and a waterfall with water features give a fresh and special atmosphere to this unique course in the North of Tenerife. 18 interesting holes and a club house with magnificent panoramic views of the entire course will make you feel like being in the golfer’s paradise on earth.


The town of Garachico, which was declared in 1994 as Site of Cultural Interest with the category of Historic Site follows faithfully the urban patterns that the Spanish Crown exported to America. Its rectilinear laid out streets, are built over the remains of the old town, which was engulfed by a volcanic eruption in 1706.


The cove of Interián is a well-known surf spot in the North of the Island ...
and it is very close to Coral Los Silos, although you can find other spots nearby. The island, considered the Hawaii of the Atlantic, has numerous spots that lovers of this sport can enjoy. Whether you want to learn or are an expert, you will find in these magical and warm waters the adrenaline that your body asks for.