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Enjoy ’s 100% Customizable Gift Cards

100% Customizable Gift Cards

The Gift Card Revolution is here. CORAL HOTELS'S 100% CUSTOMIZABLE gift cards.
At CORAL HOTELS we know that there's no better gift than a well-deserved holiday, and that's why we have created the most original Gift Cards: add your name, your photo, a personalized message, and get ready to pack your luggage!

Do you want to get a Gift Card? Send an email to and follow the following steps:

1. Write a message (or choose one of our templates)
2. Send us the photo you like the most
3. Choose the amount you want to add to the gift card
4. Receive your personalized voucher and surprise that special person with the most original gift 🧡

Offer valid from 25/03/2023 , to 31/12/2023
100% Customizable Gift Cards Coral Hotels